Effigy: Idle Worship (2015)

Written by: Tim Seeley Art by: Marley Zarcone

Chondra Jackson is a star who fell to Earth. A preteen actress who was an idol to millions, she solved space crimes before dinnertime, playing Bebe Soma on the smash-hit kids’ TV show Star Cops. But all stars fade, and after Chondra aged out of the spotlight, the sex tape she made in an attempt to extend her 15 minutes wound up destroying her career.

Now she works as a beat cop in her hometown of Effigy Mound, Ohio, where she’s about to catch a case as crazy as anything the Star Cops ever faced.

Chondra’s fans, it turns out, are still obsessively dedicated to her, having built a close-knit community through message boards, conventions and cosplay. And someone is killing them, one by one. Someone who knows the strange truth behind Star Cops’ fiction and the reclusive writer who created it. Someone who knows that fandom is the new true religion. Someone who knows that God is an alien life-form, and that real stars shine on forever…

Co-creators Tim Seeley and Marley Zarcone put the cult back in pop culture with EFFIGY: IDLE WORSHIP-a small-town supernova of sex, sci-fi and celebrity! Collects EFFIGY #1-7.

Effigy – Idle Worship (2015) (Digital) (Zone-Empire).cbr
Download from Userscloud

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